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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Are you an online narcissist?????

Hye guys.
“so I cant decide whether to have nasi lemak or roti canai this morning”
“tonight I am off to meet my parents, yay!!”
“going to bed soon, hope I dream of something lovely…”
Does any of this innate rambling matter to you? I am f**king sure it doesn’t
Btw who da hell cares what I am going to have for breakfast!(dammit my stomach cares)
But do you realize, you probably have announced something just as f**king irrelevant on facebook or twitter to some ‘500 FRIENDS’, half of whom you wont normally keep in contact with.
Why?? Because like it or not, we are now a generation of online narcissist, thanks to f b and twitter..

‘ME’ ‘MYSELF’ and ‘I’
We are all guilty of online narcissism. We consciously post status updates to make ourselves sound f**king wittier like whatever than normal (man, nobody has to know that it took you 15 minutes to come up with that  stupid one-liner)
Take a great look at your profile picture – it is the best of the lot, RIGHT??( dammit i look fairer on my fb)
Your holiday album is ‘edited’ to show only THE GOOD DAYS (not the ones where it rained buckets).
And what does it say when your friends list show over 500 people??
So what if you only keep in touch regularly with a handful??
Social media networks have created audiences for our lives, and people, do we enjoy the f**king attention!!!
“tipah is excited to go home tonight”(dem who da hell cares?)
“aman will be staying away from ice-cream for two month!”(owh! really??)
“helmi is thinking…..” (eat your heart out kate middleton! hik3)
Really,,, do we care???
You might not, but for the person who updated the status, it means a lot!!
While its main intent was to keep in touch with the rest of the world, social media networks are now more about keeping in touch with yourself!!!.
Or more precisely, letting others know what you are up to, hence giving them access into your daily routine, your photos, and your inner thoughts. This means basically, want to or not ‘update into your life, as if they should stop everything they are doing and pay attention. And if they leave a comment or two, well, that’s a bonus then.

narcissist nyer aku...

Same smugness, new delivery!! 
ahhh, LAME....
Smug3, whatever!!
Lets str8 to the point, the thing is, we write everything mostly about ourselves.
We human beings, we need attention. yayaya watever!! Now with social media networks, somebody that is so private me, has turned to public me.
How can this be happening?
Juz imagine, with over a thousand frens that will read ur fb status like:
“juz dropped some serious dough at Prada” or “OMG I cant believe that juz happened”
Cryptic enough to draw attention for more..
So, u can be a narcissist but don’t go beyond it, people will hate u, trust me… who want to know u more than anything?? The answer is nobody.
p/s: to the too-much-online-narcissist drag ur bad ass to hell. (jgn nak terasa klu itu bkn hang)
Dats all chow..


firdausjaafar said...

wahahahha.... i really like it. plus, my prefeerences is to read it in english. even better for d envionment. hahahahha. well, dats a gud punchline there. luv it!

Aman Ibrahim said...

no ice cream 2 months? aku dah telan sebakul pown tadi hahaa..

x caya la nih entry emy~ english gitew hahaha..

Bile nak wat giveaway nih??

AfiQ said...

hahaha.. fb helps alot you know.. by the way, my profile pic, jarang nk edit2.. tunjuk je jerawat yg ade.. =P

HelMi ZaKi said...

aman x cayer?? hello... btw a tesl student should know how 2 write 'things' in english.. hik3..
lgpown skrng dah ramai sngt yg ske keep in touch with the world..
sket2 post kat fb, sket2 post kat fb.. wadehel.. in fact nak cakap selipar hilang pown somebody has 2 announce it on fb.. does it really matter, as if u gonna get back ur selipar paeh oiii...
kekadang aku naek meluat kat org yg each n every second nak update fb status..
'r u really important like gaga or kardashians??'
bitch la woiii..
yg komen bukan nyer ur frens like over 1ooo, but just couple of nonsense muthafuckers.. eeewww..
nak ckp lebey2 pown is like watevr k..
so at the end of the day lantaklah korang....